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Country Cider

Our family likes things that work right every time. Since 1976, we’ve been perfecting our cider making process! It starts with apples purchased directly from the same high quality growers every year. We store them at a PERFECT 32 degree temperature so they are always crisp.

How about 17 to 25 TONS of apples a day in our slow time and up to 75 tons a day in our busier times? To ensure consistent cider flavor, we mix several varieties in just the right combination to produce over 4000 gallons of the best cider every week. All the sorting, cutting, and washing is done by hand. Yes, it’s time-consuming but it eliminates any chance of impurities in the cider.

The apples are ground and pressed into cider, pasteurized, and bottled immediately. No additives, preservatives or sweeteners– Just great apple flavor. We test each batch the old-fashioned way; we taste it.


Look for our all natural award-winning Country Cider Mill brand at stores throughout the Puget Sound and the Portland Metropolitan area.

Come visit our farm store!

We also deliver to stores all over Snohomish, King, Thurston, Pierce, Kitsap counties in Washington, and in Clackamas, Multnomah & Washington counties in Oregon. If you don’t see it on your grocer’s shelf, ask for it! …and then call us for a location near you!


Please call the farm, (360) 491-7328, for orders.

It’s Award Winning

Our cider has won several national awards including First Place at the North American Farmers Direct Marketing Association.

Apple Cider

We make our cider by the gallon, half gallon, quart, pint, and half pint. Here’s why it’s award winning:

Flavored Cider

We make berry and spiced cider, too! Our flavors are:




Spiced Cider

Spiced cider tastes amazing both hot and cold.

We Love Our Cider đŸ„°

Use Our Cider

Boil cider for sauces and glazes. Add sweetness to deserts and savory dishes. Mix your own blended berries, flavor packets, or ice cream with our cider!